Adjust blade height

Blade height adjustment is critical to the timbre and taste of your ice shave. Hera are the steps to set vane height:

  1. Locate the blade adjustment screw: Depending on the model and design of your frost shaver, locate the location of the blade registration screw. Typically, the blade readjustment roll in the hay is set under the blade or on the bottom of the ice shaver.
  2. Use a screwdriver to adjust: utilize a screwdriver to turn the blade adjustment bed to correct the tallness of the blade to the ideal position. The blade registration screw is unremarkably turned undefined to increase blade height and anticlockwise to decrease blade height.
  3. Adjust to the appropriate height: Adjust the blade to the appropriate height based on personal preference and ice thinning effect. Generally, the distance between the blade and the ice cube should be between 0.1mm and 0.3mm to check the timber and taste of the ice.
  4. Secure the blade adjustment screw: After adjusting the vane height, use a screwdriver to procure the blade adjustment have it away to prevent the blade from accidentally moving or loosening during use.

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Adjust the angle of the blade

In addition to height, the weight of the blade also has an important impact on the effectiveness and quality of ice cutting. Here are the stairs to set the blade angle:

  1. Locate the blade angle registration screw: Depending on the model and design of the frost shaver, find the positioning of the vane angle adjustment screw. Typically, the vane angle adjustment screw is located next to the vane or on the bottom of the ice shaver.
  2. Use a screwdriver to adjust: Use a screwdriver to turn the blade angle adjustment screw to adjust the slant of the blade to the ideal position. The direction of rotary motion of the vane angle adjustment screw depends on the plan of the shaved ice machine.
  3. Adjust to the appropriate angle: Adjust the vane to the conquer angle according to personal orientation and ice thinning effect. Normally, the angle of the vane should be consistent with the direction of movement of the frost so that thin, flush shavings can be smoothly shaved off.
  4. Fix the blade angle adjustment screw: later adjusting the blade angle, use a screwdriver to fix the vane angle adjustment have a go at it to prevent the blade from unintentionally moving or relaxation during use.


Test and adjust

After adjusting the blade height and angle. It is suggested to test and adjust to ensure the saint ice cutting effect and quality. Here’s how to test and adjust:

  1. Test with frost cubes: Use an ice shaver to trim an ice cube and watch over the timbre and smack of the shaved ice chips. If the ice chips are excessively thick or to a fault thin. You can fine-tune the tallness and angle of the vane as needed until you accomplish the ideal ice cutting effect.
  2. Try different adjustment combinations: Depending on your personal preference and actual needs. You can try on different combinations of blade heights and angles. Through continuous examination and adjustment. You can find the ice-shaving effectuate that suits you best and create a unique ice-shaving style.
  3. Pay care to safety and maintenance: During testing and adjustment, be sure to yield attention to safe operation. Avoid direct contact with the blade disunite to avoid unintended injury. At the same time. Clean the blades and other parts of the ice electric razor regularly to keep the ice electric razor in good condition and broaden its serve life.


To sum up, blade readjustment of shaved ice machine is a key tread in making exquisite shaved ice. By adjusting the height and angle of the blade, you can create a smoothen and even out ice-shaving effect. Before adjusting the blade, you require to make necessary preparations and pay attention to safe operations. By constantly examination and adjusting. You can find the frost shave style that works best for you and have fun making exquisite ice cream!

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