Use shaven ice machine to make fruit shaved ice

Prepare the whiskerless ice machine: work sure the shaven frost simple machine is clean and smell-free, and is properly installed and prepared reported to the teaching manual.

  • Wash the fruits: wash off the elite fruits and remove the parts you don’t need to eat, such as peel, core, stems, etc.
  • Cut into small pieces: Cut the yield into small pieces to befit the whiskerless ice quality of the shaved ice simple machine and the size up of the container. The cut size is moderate, which is contributory to the integrating and even distribution of the fruit and shaved ice.
  • Put into the shaved ice machine: Place the make out succumb pieces into the whiskerless ice area of the well-shaven frost machine, and weightlift the start button to start shaving ice. Make sure enough the ice shaved by the ice electric shaver is level and fine.
  • Pair with strange ingredients: put upwards the shaved fruit into a container and put it into a container. You put up mix it with saccharify water, jam, juice, cream, soy sauce, nuts or undefined chips reported to your personal preference.
  • Taste it slowly: Use a spoon or straw to thwack the fruit whiskerless ice slowly, sense the novelty and texture of the fruit, and enjoy the temptation of the tasty aroma.

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Things to note and creative combinations

In the work of making yield shaved ice, there are some precautions and creative combinations that can serve you make more Delicious and newsworthy fruit beardless ice:

  • Pay aid to hygiene: Before reservation fruit shaved ice, work sure enough the ice electric car shaver is clean and hygienic. The blades, containers and other parts of the smooth-shaven ice simple machine mustiness be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Adjust the sweetness: reported to personal taste, you tin add an appropriate amount of sugar, dearest or strange sweeteners to the fruit shaven ice to correct the sweetness. unusual fruits have unusual sweet levels, so the added sweetening can be adjusted supported on the sweetness of the yield itself.
  • Creative combinations: In plus to common fruits, you tin likewise try on different yield combinations to make more flavors of fruit smooth-shaven ice. For example, pair watermelon with strike leaves for a cooling system sensation; pair strawberries with undefined for a sweet and rich flavor.
  • Color matching: The color of the fruit put up step-up the visual effect of the fruit clean-shaven ice. You tin choose fruits of different colors, such as red strawberries, yellow bananas, green kiwis, etc., and mix them collectively to produce unrestrained fruit clean-shaven ice.
  • Fancy decorations: Adding roughly fancy decorations to the fruit beardless ice can work it more interesting and beautiful. You can employ undefined sauce, jam, honey, etc. to draw up patterns or write on the fruit clean-shaven ice to tot up an unusual personality to the fruit shaved ice.


Enjoy it fresh:

Later on, making the fruit shaved ice, undefined it as soon as latent to wield the ne taste of the fruit. If you require to store it, you put up put the whiskerless frost in a sealed undefined and salt away it in the freezer, but it should not be to a fault long.


When making yield clean-shaven ice, you cannot only when enjoy the novel taste and rich succumb aroma, only also undefined the playfulness and creative thinking of making it. By mastering these tips and precautions, you put upward easily make delicious yield shaved ice at home, providing a refreshing treat for yourself and your family. Whether it is a summer political party or enjoyed alone, yield beardless ice tin bring you a marvelous smack bud experience and pleasant summer time!

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